Again and aigain :) Hdl my ABF

hello again, yeah today i was in Harry Potter 5, the best film of the harry ptoter story But a bit short, The Putted 1020 sites into 2 hours and 20 minutes. But it was a film for older people^^ Thats the best thingo f the film. Njo, I think that's enough for this.

You had phoned me for 5 minutes, and i'm so lucky now (okay, my English is the worst :D ) YOu are my secondy sister :-* .

And I will say HEllo at the airport I am so happy of it KATHA COMES BACK TO METTMANN: to her best friend (i hope its aktuality, because i think you had known new people in england )

Now I watch POPSTARS adn there are almost fucking gangstas. I hope you had known Alternative people.
But before I talk to you like a rubbish man ^^, I will finish

Hab dich Lieb mein ABF :-) Miss you sooooooo much

12.7.07 21:16

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